Sunwaves Festival All You Need To Know

About Sunwaves Festival


Sunwaves is an electronic music festival curated to the purveyor of minimal, techno and house. The festival is especially unique because due to the local talent of Romanian minimal producers and DJ’s, many of whom are known around the world for their style and abstract beats.

The Sunwaves experience can’t be defined in words, one must actually attend to understand. The music starts on Thursday and doesn’t end until the following Tuesday. 5 days of non-stop electronic music. People from around the world come to Mamaia for the 5-day festival to enjoy the sounds of world famous DJs and producers. Music is the central concern of the festival organizers. There is no show, fireworks or confetti flying around. It’s all about the music taking you on that special voyage beyond time and space.

Sunwaves is held twice per year. Once in May, signaling the beginning of the summer and again in August, the end of the summer. The May edition is held every year on the weekend that signals the mini vacation that all students and workers can enjoy. The summer edition usually takes place from August 15th - 20th.


What to know before making plans to book Sunwaves Festival

If you’re planning to travel to Mamaia for the Sunwaves festival we recommend the following:

  • Make sure that you exchange your money before coming to the festival. We don’t recommend you exchange at the airport or at banks because they have a lower rate of exchange. Either change in Bucharest or in Constanta, the city next to Mamaia.

  • We recommend that you exchange or withdraw from the ATM more money than you would need. Since Sunwaves has over 10,000 attendees ATMs can run out of money very fast.

  • Keep in that although the party “officially” ends on Monday, it is not uncommon for it to keep going for at least 24 hours. If you want the full Sunwaves experience we recommend that you plan on staying until at least Tuesday morning.

  • Cash and/or card are accepted at the festival.

  • Be very careful with your belongings at Sunwaves, we recommend carrying a fanny pack or bum bag.

  • Don’t forget to eat food and get sleep. The festival can be overwhelming for those who have never been to Romania before. Some enjoy sleeping at night and partying all day. The Sunwaves experience is up to you.

  • Come prepared for all types of weather. In the past 5 years, Mamaia has seen hot Sunwaves and rainy cold Sunwaves.

  • Come with a smile and a good vibe you’ll have a great time!


How to arrive at Sunwaves Festival

If you are wondering how to arrive, here are the options:

1. Direct bus transfer from Bucharest Otopeni Airport to Mamaia by Wave Travel  

Jump on a bus and go straight to Mamaia with one 15 minute stop on the road. Book NOW here www.wave-travel.com/transfers

We offer many options:

  • Shared Shuttle Transfer
    This travel option is a minibus with 7-20 seats or a 49 seats bus that leaves Otopeni Airport approximately every 1.5 hours. The transfer time is usually 3.5 h but it can be a maximum 4.15, depending on traffic. Once the bus arrives to Mamaia you will be dropped off directly at your accommodation. When your time at the festival comes to an end just go to the Summerland Reception, Building #14 (100 meters from Sunwaves Festival location) to take the return shuttle back to the airport. Simple and smooth!

  • Private Car
    This travel option is convenient for those traveling in groups of 3-4. You will have your own private driver and car that will pick you up from the airport or Bucharest and drop you off at your accommodation in Mamaia. Transfer time is between 2.5 - 3 h.

  • Private Minivan
    This travel option is convenient for those traveling in groups of maximum of 8 people. You will have your own private minivan that will pick you up from the airport or Bucharest and drop you off at your accommodation in Mamaia. Transfer time is between 3 - 3.5h.

  • Private Minibus
    This travel option is best for those traveling in groups of up to 20 people. You will have your own private minibus for you and your friends that pick you up from the airport or in Bucharest and drops you off at your accommodation. Transfer time is between 3.5 - 4 hours total.

  • Private Coach
    This travel option is best for those traveling in groups of up to 50 people.


2. Train from Bucharest ( Gara de Nord ) to Constanta

  • This is the best transfer option for people looking to spend a few days exploring the magical city of Bucharest. The train takes 2.5 hours from Gara de Nord to Constanta.

  • Taking a train directly after landing at Otopeni Airport can be complicated. The airport express bus leaves every 30 minutes from the airport going to Gara de Nord and can take up to 45 minutes to arrive at the train station. Trains leave from Bucharest to Constanta every 2-3 hours. The train ride will take about 2 and a half hours. Once you arrive in Constanta you will then have to take a bus or a taxi from the train station to Mamaia. As you can see it’s very complicated :)


3.  Rent a car

  • Renting a car is always a good option, but just keep in mind that once you arrive in Mamaia you will not have any need for an automobile. Most of your time will be spent dancing and meeting new friends. Not to mention that after 5 full days of dancing, driving can feel a bit unpleasant, especially on the Romanian roads.


4. Taxi

  • A taxi is a good option for going to Mamaia but only if you know the driver. From our experiences and our customers’ experiences, we do not recommend taking a taxi in Romania. If they see you are a foreigner your chances of getting ripped off just went up.

  • For those staying in Bucharest several days, we recommend you use Uber.


Accommodation at Sunwaves Festival - Where to stay at Sunwaves Festival 

Mamaia is a big resort with a lot of accommodation options. Getting a taxi in a foreign country can be stressful, especially after a long dancing session. Avoid this experience by booking our best-located apartments and walk back 3 minutes to your recharging station. Change your festival experience with Wave Travel. 

We provide the closest accommodation possible, right next to Sunwaves in Summerland Apartments Complex. The apartments are so close to the action that you can arrive within 3 minutes of walking. So you can take a shower, hang out with some friends or take a power nap. 

The apartments are fully equipped with air conditioning, central heating, tv, balcony, kitchenette. They come in two options:

For any questions, concerns or if you just want to talk to some friendly Romanian’s, please contact us by email at contact@wave-travel.com or via our Facebook page.


Wave Travel Team